This is without a doubt the WORST company ever. Scott Low from Prime Lending, Columbus, OH does not know how to close a loan.

We are waiting on our buyer's file (his client) to close, so we can move on with our lives. They have extended the contract 4 times, in 2 months, and still there is no end in sight. They also have a nasty habit of waiting to tell everyone of these delays until day before we are actually supposed to close. Now we are at risk of losing our rate with our lender, or worse, losing our dream home.

He is inefficient, ineffective, and is starting to cost is a lot of time, money, and heartache.

I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy.

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I've worked dozens of deals with Scott and he's always come through for me and my clients. Especially on difficult deals.

Rochester, New York, United States #1354878

I'm currently in the same situation with Scott Low. It's been a nightmare.

We've just been told for the 4th time that we will have to extend our closing date, which has impacted our closing on our new home. Pretty sad that he's still doing this to others 4 years later.

Ohio, United States #879169

I've worked with Scott and he is great. Ironic you withheld your name?

Sounds like rather than "moving on with your life", you wanted to move on with that commission. $$$$$ ;)

to Borrower #884108

Hi Scott!

Isn't it ironic that you withheld yours too "Borrower"

I know from experience that Prime lending are a Joke.

to Anonymous Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States #922302

scott probably makes over 200k a year. How much do you make?

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