I don't work for Prime and I never have but all too often the mortgage company as a whole gets a bad reputation when something goes wrong. I get it.

Things happen. Especially with all the guidelines in place as of Dec, 2014. There is a lot of information a loan officer must review and take into consideration when approving a loan. If something goes wrong a day or two before closing and you cant close because of something on your credit report, that is not Prime Lending.

More often than not, it is the loan officers fault and probably could have been avoided in the beginning by not approving you in the first place. Sometimes they cant be. This is one of those times where things just happen. Like when you go and buy a mini van two days before closing or you leave your salaried job to go wait tables because you were mad at your boss.

Or... You spend $2000 on Christmas shopping with funds that were reserved for closing. I'm just saying.. Loan originating is a web of credit and financial intricacies that must be carefully woven together.

Attention to detail and experience is a must when considering a professional for your home loan. Most of the comments listed on this site mention, "my loan officer" in the very first sentence. Well, thats the source. Not Prime lending.

Not any bank for that matter. Before you go saying, "well they should hire more qualified individuals so this doesn't continue to happen." Everyone has to start somewhere.

There will always be hiccups. Some experiences will be better and some will be worse but before you give a company a bad review, look at the root of the problem and determine if a negative company review is the best solution.

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