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I am writing this complaint on behalf of myself and Alan Amerman, my employer. Alan owns a successful and one of the highest rated home improvement companies listed on a review based lead generating service website in all of New York State and Connecticut. He was at a customers' house providing him with an estimate when he noticed it was a newly purchased home. Upon inquiry, he was informed Prime Lending was the mortgage company used out of Newburgh, NY.

I called Prime Lending about 2 1/2 months ago and spoke to Tom Weisman to begin the application process. Alan and I wanted to get the mortgage application completed so we could start looking for houses. After the application and documentation was submitted we received a pre-qualification letter in the amount of $352,000 This application was based on 2013 and 2014 tax returns and we were told that once 2015's taxes were filed they would need them to update the application.

I received 2015's tax return from the accountant and planned on calling Tom to arrange a meeting location to hand him the documents. I do not feel safe or comfortable going to his office in Newburgh as Newburgh has one of the highest crime rates in New York State. I spoke to Alan who was up the street 3 minutes from our office sitting behind McDonalds when he noticed a sign that rear "Prime Lending Grand Opening." At this time Alan and I decided it was best to switch to the Wappingers Falls office to avoid the bad areas of Newburgh. On Friday 4/22 I called the contact number listed for this office and was unable to get through. It would ring three times, an automated machine would state to leave a voicemail then disconnect. Unable to reach them by phone, I drove to the office and brought the 2015 tax returns with me.

Upon arrival, I was directed to speak with Laura Papovich. I explained to her we already went through the application process with Tom in Newburgh but felt more comfortable at the Wappingers Falls office. I informed her the purpose of my visit was to give them 2015 tax returns to update the application. Laura told me that if we wanted to switch offices the application would have to be redone because each branch office has a different loan license number. I told her we had no problems with Tom we just felt more comfortable and it was more convenient to go to the Wappingers Falls office location. She stated they were all commission based so she would give Tom a call because she didn't want to step on any toes. She took the tax returns and stated she would review them and the application information with Steve Betterton, her boss, when he returned to the office at 1pm. I inquired as to when I should expect to hear back from her and she stated she would have an updated application and pre-qualification amount to me by 5pm.

Around 4pm I tried to contact Laura by phone and still received the same recording as I had earlier that day. I went to the office and spoke to Laura again and she called Steve into the office at which time I explained to him we felt more comfortable at the Wappingers Falls branch. He took the paperwork from Laura and brought me into his office. He asked a couple of questions regarding the taxes and was working on the computer. He said to give him a few minutes and he would have the updated information in the computer and would be able to let us know if the pre-qualification amount changed and if so how much from the original loan application. After a few moments, he said he could do $175,000 as a max loan amount with $5,000 in taxes unless I brought him 12 months worth of bank statements showing the business paid for all 4 vehicle loans. If so, he could do an additional $150,000 on top of the original $175,000 to make a total of approximately $325,000. I told him that would not be a problem since the payments automatically get withdrawn from the business checking account each month. I asked him if he was there on Saturday and he said no, he would be there Monday. We both agreed I would drop the statements off to him Monday Morning. I asked him to repeat the loan amount so I could write it down and asked what we should expect for a closing time frame. Is it possible to close in 30 days? He said average is 45 days. I had Alan on the phone for the majority of my meeting with Steve. Alan had me ask a couple of additional questions and review the closing time frame. Steve handed me a pre-qualification letter and I told him I would drop off the statements Monday. He said "I will see you Monday." I left around 5pm. I was there for around an hour and 15 minutes.

I received a phone call from Steve at around 2pm Saturday the 23rd (the following day). He said he just wanted to call and let Alan and I know Unfortunately he felt him and his team would not be able to provide us with the level of customer service Alan and I expected. I said "What?" I was taken aback by the out of the blue call and odd explanation he gave. He stated that he did not expect to spend so much time with me at his office Friday. He pushed off other work he had to do to help me and I "bombarded" him with questions. I asked him if he meant that I should go back to Tom in Newburgh and he said if I wanted to, it was my choice. I asked why the sudden change and random phone call and he just repeated that he felt that him and his team were not going to provide us with the level of customer service that Alan and I expected. "Alan has good credit, enough money for a down payment, I am sure there is a loan out there for him somewhere." I told him I would call Tom on Monday then. He said "OK, it was our choice if we wanted to continue working with Tom."

After the conversation with Steve ended, I called Alan to relay the conversation I had with Steve to him. Alan asked for Steve's contact number so he could speak to him directly. Alan called me after his conversation with Steve and said Steve told him he did not appreciate me showing up to the office unannounced and bombarding him with questions therefore he was unable to help us.

I called Tom Monday morning and he said that him and his partner Ethan were working on the taxes and would get back to me by noon. I asked him if he spoke to Steve and said he spoke to him for about an hour on Saturday but neither Alan's nor mine came up in conversation. I explained to him my meeting and conversation with Steve Friday and Saturday and he said let me call Steve and see what is going on. I asked him if I still needed to drop off the tax returns to Wappingers Falls office and he said Yes, anything I need to drop off I could leave it with his partner Ethan who was going to be there all day. He said him and his partner Ethan bounce back and forth between the Newburgh and the Wappingers Falls office and I could leave anything I had to drop off with Ethan.

I went to the Wappingers Falls branch to leave the bank statements with Ethan. I spoke to Ethan when I arrived and told him I was there to leave the bank statements with him as per Tom. He said he did not know why I was dropping papers off when he thought I was there to pick up the documents I left on Friday. I asked him if he spoke with Tom and he said Tom was not working on Alan's loan application. That it was in Steve's name so Tom had nothing to do with it. I informed him Tom was the one that told me to drop off the statements and could he call Tom to figure out what was going on. He said no, he could not call Tom, he was in the middle of 4 different things. I told him I was going to step out of his office for a minute to see if I could get Tom on the phone and he said no problem. I was unable to reach Tom so I took back all of the documentation that was brought to that office. When I returned to my office I was finally able to get Tom on the phone and he stated that he just brought the matter up to upper management because "Some boundaries were crossed." Unfortunately there was nothing he could do because Steve submitted the application in his name and pulled Alan's credit again on Friday. Tom stated that he could no longer help us due to that and was not even aloud to comment on the loan any longer.

I spent two and a half months and countless hours on the phone with Tom throughout the loan application process only to be told all of that was for nothing! I feel personally attacked by Steve due to the comments he made to Alan and I feel it was inappropriate and very unprofessional to inform Alan he did not appreciate me showing up to the office unannounced and bombarding him with questions. I have worked for Alan for seven years and have never experienced this level of disrespect when dealing with another company. Alan and I pride ourselves on the level and grade of customer service we provide our customers and would be mortified if we treated our customers the way Alan and I were treated. One of the most recent customers we performed work for left us a review that says it all - "Done on time, exceeded all expectations!" While we did not expect that level of customer services, we also did not expect to get stonewalled over not having an appointment and asking a couple of questions!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the reviews that will be posted online about our experience.


Alan Amerman

Candi Weidig

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of any of the experience and customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of primelending customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $5000. Primelending needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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The Betterton's are cons. They've been stealing identities, and embezzling money from banks and businesses for years.

Look at all the discharges... they are actually part of the housing-burst which caused the Great Recession of 2008.

Nowhere is safe around newburgh - CRIME TRAVELS, open your eyes.



PrimeLending welcomes the opportunity to resolve this matter in a timely and efficient manner. Please contact us privately at ConsumerComplaints@primelending.com with more information so that we can respond appropriately. We look forward to hearing from you.

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